Simple Weight Loss Tips - Misinformation About Simple Weight Loss Revealed

Everyday, magazines give out new simple weight loss tips that are dramatically supposed to reinvent your life and have the fat running away from you. True, some of these tips are extremely valuable and often overlooked because they seem like common sense and obvious, but it is often times the most valuable simple weight loss tip that is also the simplest (how ironic). Today, there will be no discussion about simple weight loss tips in the sense of a top 5 or a quick outline into a specific path, but instead, we will shed some light on myths that permeate throughout the industry and cause people to build diets, routines, and lifestyles on top of a faulty foundation.

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There are three myths, three ideologies that are simply destructive to the ill-informed. Myths that promise to cut fat, build muscle, and lose weight can simply add to that stubborn, excessive belly fat or cause your biceps to remain stagnant, growing flabby instead of granite-like.

Simple Weight Loss Tip Myth #1: Spot Reduction does NOT work.... So forget about simply getting rid of only that excessive belly fat or that spare tire, fat loss comes as a collective whole. What this translates into is that simply doing crunches and leg lifts and more crunches and more leg lifts will NOT reduce the fat on your stomach; it simply works out the muscles underneath. Now, in order to see these muscles, one must develop a diet that reduces the overall body fat % or all the crunches and workouts will go to waste.

Which leads us to our second Simple Weight Loss Tip Myth: Less Calories means less Weight/Fat! Not necessarily. Once you starve your body of calories it has a tendency to go into starvation mode and slow the metabolism. The slowing of the metabolism causes you to use your resources less (ie burn calories slower) allowing you to live off the current cache of fat you have. In other words, an intuitive simple weight loss tip that is as widely distributed as this one can have serious effects on your progress if misused. A very popular, up-and-coming weight loss diet and fat loss program that utilizes online meal planning (in which you get to buy your own, fresh food) and a revolutionary style of calorie manipulation (called Calorie Shifting) to completely counteract this process. Although this is relevant, it is out of the scope of this article and more information can be found at my blog... Here.

Final Simple Weight Loss Tip Myth: Cardio workouts makes you lose weight faster than working out. True and not true. Aerobic exercise allows one to lose weight while they are doing it and shortly after. The benefits of 45 minutes on the treadmill will last that 45 minutes and only slightly after. The flipside is weightlifting, which burns calories and fat during it while beefing up your metabolism to work for you afterwards burning calories and fat. It's the difference between a part-time employee and a full-time employee.

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